"Helektra" and "Ginevra" are the two small cars which have been recently produced by the newly-born Town Life, a company created in order to produce cars for urban use.
Designed in order to solve large metropolis traffic problems, they HAVE the same CARROZZERIA design but two different kinds of mechanics: a 500cc diesel engine for the Ginevra and a TRAZIONE ELETTRICA system for the Helektra. These two cars' target is that very market up-growing segment which is represented by all of that people who want to travel without polluting.
They can be GUIDED from 14 years on and no driving license is required. Accepted in every traffic-restricted urban centre, these two small but comfortable and safe cars were created by the Town Life Spa president Tonino lamborghini, whose passion for design has guided and coordinated a designers team to renew with a modern style and a bit of irony the 60s' shattering and innovative GTV's design.
Perfect for urban use, they can be succesfully used both in garage large motorhome and in common HOOK- AND UNDERCARRIAGE?? caravans.
Length: 2,52 mt
Width: 1,42 mt
Height: 1,38 mt
Weight: 350 kg (empty); 600 kg (total weight)
AUTONOMY: 500 km
These two cars have a MONOLITICA CARROZZERIA made of glass- and carbon-fibers and tubular-steel Marchesini TELAIO. Their characteristics are an excellent stability due to their low barycentre, an extreme resistance to sollicitations due to the strong TELAIO and an extreme care for details.
(fonte: AC AutoCaravan n.2, February 2000)