Town Life magic night

There are some special occasions in which a kind of magic alchemy make every single detail cooperate to obtain success. This is exactly what happened on September, 18th 1999 when Town Life SpA was officially presented. The LANCIO of a new company is one of the most moving and exciting moment in the industry world. This is the final act of a hard several month- or even year-job, when investments, efforts and dreams have been afforded in order to reach this goal. This is the real moment in which someone who strongly wanted a new reality to become true can see this new reality's birth. Of course every company begins his career in its own way, someone begins this new activity by chance, someone else wants the whole world to know about it, as if it were a baptism or a recurrence not to be forgotten. This was Town Life's choice, which LANCIO was planned in order to make all of the people who were there remeber it as a moving, joyful moment. In order to celebrate properly the place chosen for the party was Palazzo del Vignola, a beautiful XVIth century Bolognese building that has been recently restored to its original splendor by the owner Tonino Lamborghini. The guests were a heterogenous crowd, so that politicians, artists, journalists and managers celebrated together this newly-born company.

That was it: Town Life SpA presented itself and its own products in a joyful atmosphere, merged into lights and colors of a first-autumn evening, where Palazzo dei Vignola was highly enlightened by many torches. Town Life is a society that produces city cars, that can be driven from 14 years on without driving license. This extraordinary cars were the right reason of this presentation. Until September, 18th everything was a big mistery to all the guests: the invitations didn't explain anything about what was going to happen during the party and the mistery was not revealed until the right moment, when everything was ready for the company debut. So, as the night fell, the almost 1000 guests were invited to go out to the park to see the show. The strange shapes hidden in the shadow of the stage suddenly came to life under the reflectors and the special effects' light, while the music, written for Town Life, suggested an urban awakening atmosphere, in which you could clearly recognize every day's urban acoustic pollution noises. As the curtains fell off the two cars and a third one came out of nowhere parking in front of the guests, music changed into funny and relaxed tones that suggested the way you feel while guiding these cars. People crowded to watch them, touch them and most of all admire them and congratulate with the Town Life president Tonino Lamborghini, the general executive manager Franco Neri and all the staff. The cars produced by Town Life are called Ginevra and Helektra. Ginevra has a diesel 500cc- engine while Helektra, as its name suggests, has a battery engine. RIFINITE in every details, CON INTERNI GRINTOSI and PRESENTATA in blue shading, these cars are suitable for under-age young people who are looking for a real car, in fact thanks to their quadricycle homologation they can be driven from 14 year on with no driving license. They perfectly solve city-centre overcrodwing problems: you are allowed to enter the traffic-limited zones and even the no-traffic zones in case you are driving the electric car. Their design is a kind of ironic retro interpretation with a precise style that renders them unique and quite attention-catching. Their sympathy is as strong as their clean and smart design, their supporting frame and their reliable and safe motorization. A buffet-dinner came after the presentation and, around midnight, as light went down the first firecrackers started to explode. The guests went out one more time to the park to admire the wonderful pyrotechnician show accompanied by Hendel's fireworks music. The show was so beautiful and evocative that once it finished guests were reluctant to leave the park hoping that the show would go on.

How can we remember all the faces of the guests and all the people who celebrated Town Life? We can only show you some of the most well-known faces, like Gino Paoli, Beppe Grillo, Gabriella Carlucci. We can show you Tonino Lamborghini, Franco Neri and Luigi Marmiroli's smiling faces, and some other Town Life team people enjoying the achieved success. We can show you these wonderful and smiling children's faces who sleep peacefully after a funny evening without knowing what's going on around them. This image is quite symbolic of what happened: young products for young people that rest after a long hard-working period, convinced that tomorrow will be happy and successful. With the images of these faces we would like to thank all of the people that contributed in making this evening the expected success, first of all the wonderful crowd of guests that celebrated with us the successful start of this company that seems to have a wonderful future.